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Demons, Discipleship and Deliverance | The Village Church

What is the biblical teaching on demons? Can Christians be oppressed or even possessed? Is deliverance ministry the solution? There are three contexts of demonic activities discussed in the New Testament: first, interactions in the Gospels between demons and Jesus and His disciples; second, references to demons in general, without reference to specific people they effect; and third, post-ascension personal activities of demons. He came proclaiming that the kingdom of the heavens was near Mt The signs He performed was a prophetic evidence of His right to come as the King.

Notice, for example how the author of Hebrews acknowledges signs, miracles, and wonders accomplished by the eyewitnesses of Jesus, but notes that they were confirming of the message, and implies that even during the writing of Hebrews probably around AD there were no further confirming signs Heb Paul acknowledges His apostolic ministry to be confirmed by signs, miracles, and wonders Rom , so it is notable that in Acts we find him interacting with unclean spirits in Acts Acts , Of particular note is the last of these recorded instances, when an evil spirit trounces the seven sons of Sceva even though they are trying to cast out demons in the name of Jesus.

The signs, miracles, and wonders Paul performed were to confirm Paul as sent by God like the other disciples. God had not sent these other men, and they paid a dear price for assuming authority over demons even Michael the archangel assumed no authority over the devil [Jud 9].

This book is a manifesto for supernatural living, God encounters, and radical prophetic leading. You are standing at the doorway into greater dimensions of the Spirit.

Devils Demons and Deliverance

Mundane living is not your portion, and watered-down revelation is not your inheritance. You can be effectively led by Holy Spirit.

You can know and discern the will of God for your life. In Supernatural Access prophetic minister Ryan LeStrange teaches you how to really hear God and break off the lies of the enemy.

The book of Ezekiel contains some of the most incredible prophecies in the Bible, including detailed description of a nuclear war and the cleanup afterward. Ezekiel ministered to a nation experiencing judgment for its sins, and may have some lessons for us today. Ezekiel's name means "God strengthens, or God will strengthen".

Ezekiel is one of the three that were called Captivity Prophets the other two are Jeremiah and Daniel. Ezekiel never mentions Jeremiah in his writings, but he does mention Daniel three times. Demons, Deliverance, and Suffering … what are they all about?


Discover in these pages the origin and nature of evil and how to combat forces you cannot see. Learn what devils and demons are and what you can do to ensure you are never a victim. To understand what a person has experienced we must look to Scripture. Scripture says many things about invisible forces. This audiobook is straight-forward, authoritative, with Biblical insights and help for those who desire to understand or escape demonic oppression.

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It discusses the occult, mediums, demon possession, werewolves, vampires, and other related topics. Ephesians —12 C. What are Demons? According to the Scriptures we find that: Demons were created Ps. As created beings, demons are limited in power, influence and knowledge. Demons were effectively defeated and disarmed through the cross of Christ Col. Though the Scriptures give boundaries of belief when it comes to the demonic, they do not explicitly answer a number of questions: When were demons created? When did demons fall and how? Can demons read our minds? The Work of Demons Demons oppose the kingdom of God.

Consider the following texts: Matthew —25; —17, 28—34; —34; ; —28; —20 Mark —28, 32—34, 39; —20; ; —30; 9: 14—29 Luke —37, 41; —19; ; —39; —43; —16; —17 Acts ; —8; ; ; —20 Demonic activity in the time of Christ and the early church is well attested, and there is no evidence in the Scriptures to suggest that such activity has been subsequently restricted.

"I AM LUCIFER" Powerful Deliverance

Demonic Influence and Fleshly Impulses Signs and symptoms of demonic influence and attack are numerous. Thus, some will be more gifted in the discerning and engaging of spirits than others 1 Cor. Gifts were and are distributed for the edification and encouragement of the Church and the exaltation of Christ 1 Cor. Spiritual displays out of step with the call for peaceful 1 Cor.

Various passages warn believers against the dangers of presumptuously engaging the demonic Acts ; 2 Pet. Discipleship Through the Word of God The chief strategy for protecting against and engaging the enemy is proclamation and prayer enlightened by the truth of Scripture. In 2 Timothy , Paul writes to Timothy of those who are ensnared by the devil and commends repentance as the principal and proper response to such captivity.

Furthermore, the teaching of the Word is the chief instrument leading to such repentance. In 1 Peter , the apostle writes of the adversarial activity of Satan and commends sober-minded watchfulness. Resistance to the accuser is best expressed by humility, endurance, prayer and faith founded upon the knowledge of the gospel. In Ephesians , the proclamation of truth and application of the gospel are commended as the main means of protection against demonic footholds in the lives of individuals and communities. When immorality, dissension and false teaching threatened the church of Corinth, Paul did not command the elders to rebuke particular personal spirits of lust, disunity or heresy but, rather, to pursue faith and repentance through a better understanding and application of the gospel.

Practical Steps Given the preeminence of the Word as the best defense against the demonic and the flesh, those struggling with besetting sin or other possible manifestations of the demonic should primarily pursue freedom through faith and repentance by saturating themselves in the truths of Scripture. Below are a few practical steps to consider: Pursue faithfulness in the biblical disciplines of the Christian life, such as the study of Scripture, prayer and fasting.

A person should not expect God to grant deliverance from the demonic or fleshly desires when neglecting the foremost means the Lord has ordained for our defense.

Demons and deliverance

Pursue gospel-centered community. A person should not expect God to grant healing while disregarding the chief environment in which God graces His people. We also highly encourage anyone struggling with fleshly or demonic influence to walk through Steps at The Village. Confess your sins. Satan and sin thrive in the darkness, but there is great healing and hope to be found in bringing your struggles to the light 1 John ; James Repent of known sins.

Take steps in your life to put sin to death and thus destroy the footholds of the enemy. Get violent against those things which provide opportunity for the flesh or demonic Matt. Persevere in the struggle.